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Illusion and Intensity Cross Stitch Patterns

Hey all!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! I added a couple of fun little cross stitch patterns today. I was feeling purple so there you have it.

Illusion –

Intensity –

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Just Cross Stitch yet make sure you check it out. I love seeing my first ever published design in there 🙂

Happy Stitching all!!


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Quick Question

For those cross stitchers out there…which would you rather buy, a kit or just the pattern? Inquiring minds want to know….please leave me a comment and let me know.

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My Designs Coming in Just Cross Stitch Magazine!!

Love this magazine! Watch for my designs in the August issue of Just CrossStitch (on sale June 27) and the Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornaments issue (on sale September 19)!!!

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We Have Cross Stitch Kits!!!

I am so excited to announce that we are now beginning to offer our patterns as kits. They are only be offered on Etsy at the moment while we finish up a few things here on the site but you can get the Iced Dragon as a kit now  and also,Black Raven and Roses Skull is available as a kit!! Big news. If you are looking for a particular pattern as a kit, drop me a line and let me know which one and it will go next on my list to set up 🙂

Get the Ice Dragon Kit HERE or the Black Raven kit HERE!!


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Is Cross Stitch Your Therapy?

So, it is a whole big bag of emotions in my life today. One of my sons left for Air Force Basic Training. I am very proud of him but at the same time, my mom heart is breaking. When I got home from the swearing in I had planned on doing some work but I just couldn’t seem to get in the swing of things. I finally gave up and settled into my favorite chair with a WIP that I love and let the colors and the rhythm of the stitching soothe me. What a comfort and blessing in what has recently become a rather complicated life! It seems cross stitch has become my therapy over the years and I think I am ok with that.

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Kustom Cross Stitch is Open!!

Hi everyone!!!

My name is Lisa. Welcome!

I am a mother and a grandmother and I adore cross stitch! I design it, I stitch it, I stash it and go through it on a regular basis just to look at it all. (Don’t even tell me I am the only one. Y’all know you do it.)

I have had my cross stitch patterns on Etsy for a little over a year now and have decided to switch to my own shop to make things a little more personal. I want to be able to share and hang out with my fellow cross stitchers and so here I am. I hope you will come stitch with us.

P.S. There may be some FREE patterns coming to this spot in the future 🙂