Is Cross Stitch Your Therapy?

So, it is a whole big bag of emotions in my life today. One of my sons left for Air Force Basic Training. I am very proud of him but at the same time, my mom heart is breaking. When I got home from the swearing in I had planned on doing some work but I just couldn’t seem to get in the swing of things. I finally gave up and settled into my favorite chair with a WIP that I love and let the colors and the rhythm of the stitching soothe me. What a comfort and blessing in what has recently become a rather complicated life! It seems cross stitch has become my therapy over the years and I think I am ok with that.

One thought on “Is Cross Stitch Your Therapy?

  1. Jenn says:

    I could appreciate what you wrote. When my son left for Navy Boot Camp I had to keep my brain busy. So, I took up cross stitching and it truly did help. Still does, now that he is in A school because he is in a tough program, helps me not worry so much.

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